Fire AlarmInstallation

If you’re looking for a reliable fire alarm installation company in Georgia, look no further than Grice Systems! We have been providing the best fire alarm installation services for more than 5 years throughout the state of Georgia, and we’re on a mission to help you feel at ease. With our complete package of installation and monitoring services, it’ll be like your home never needs another repair!

In the event of a fire, your life depends on having an alarm system that not only warned you but also gave time to get out. We specialize in installing comprehensive fire protection for homes and businesses across Georgia with systems tailored towards achieving these goals – no matter how small or large your property may be!

Installation Services

Service Type

• New Construction
• Tenant Development
• Alarm System Upgrade/Replacement
• Retrofitting
• System Programming & Commissioning

Benefits of fire alarm installation


• Home or business insurance discounts
• Improved resale value
• Early detection of fires
• Lower risk of carbon monoxide poisoning
• Peace of mind

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