Service &Maintenance

Regular maintenance of fire alarm systems is crucial to ensure continued reliability. It also helps us take preventive measures as and when we identify any fault. If your system requires repairs, you can count on our highly trained expert technicians to address all problems quickly and efficiently. What’s more is that we provide round-the-clock fire alarm repair services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients alike. Grice Systems offers comprehensive fire alarm system servicing and maintenance programs throughout the state of Georgia to ensure that your system is always in optimal working condition. We understand the importance of having a functioning fire alarm system, and we’re here to help you maintain it! Whenever you need a fire alarm system replacement or repairs, our certified technicians are here for your convenience. We only use high-quality parts from well recognized names in the industry so that we can offer fast service while still meeting safety standards!

What's Included

Our service and maintenance packages include:

• Inspection and testing of your fire alarm system
• Repair and replacement of fire alarm system parts
• Cleaning of fire alarm system components
• Calibration of fire alarm system detectors
• Battery replacement
• And more!


Benefits of service and maintenance:

• Lowered insurance rates
• Improved resale value
• Reduced chance of loss from fire damage
• Protection of life and property
• Early detection of fires
• Lower risk of carbon monoxide poisoning
• Compliance with local building codes and ordinances
• Peace of mind


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